Top Pakistani bridal style and when to wear them

                      Red Lehenga for pakistani bridal


Culture and folklore, including the events of wedding, colorant the peculiar Pakistan society. The conventional bride glamorize and optimize the nuptial bliss. Historically Lehenga being the elitist and prominent choice of top Pakistani wedding ceremony dresses of the local community. The customary bride having lehenga of red and maroon colors along with short shirt called choli and discerning dupatta reflect in every body’s perception . however it depend on the intellectual abilities of the customer to find out lehenga, which is superbly designed and stitched in accordance with the shape of the body of the bride. Now it is a high time to save your precious time, you may have a glance for your choice to our designed artefact for your beloved one. We assure you the availability of sublime fabrics of marvelous quality of arched type design of Lehenga and casuals.

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Bridal Gown

The technology in the global village is impinging upon every aspect of the coiety. So the fashion designing is not exception to it. Being a previously colonial country, historically the Western fashion designing has a dominant effect on Pakistani fashion and design. It is evident from our bridal gown which is influenced by western traditional and modern designs. No doubt we espouse western patterns in designing bridal gown but have adequately made changes in time with our local culture and values. We have also developed bridal jacket ar par with bridal gown> this combination, particularly in winter season, enchance the efficacy to contemplate the bride at this memorable occasion. Currently bridal gown is the most favourite for the bride to be.



In traditional society like Pakistan people have liking customary dresses. Gharara is one of the articles, which is best loved by the brides for the special occasion of their marriages. since Gharara and trouser is decorated with ornaments and embroidery, pair with short shirt or kameez, It glorify the depiction of the bride manifolds. Now a days it is phenomenal choice of the elite class. Gharara pair with a minor change, can be used for formal and informal occasions



 Sharara is another traditional dress, which is most demanded in our society. Generally customers illusory taken it as flowy lehenga because it not easy to distinguish between the two, due to their closely related features. Sharara being a special trouser having abundance flare is traditionally wear with anarkah style short shirt. This pass not only glamorizes but also fascinated the personality of the bride for the occasion. Being an elegant floaty dress it is easy to fetch by a smart but tall ladies. Currently, it is also one of the most demanded choice of the mobility




People create the social worlds and ultimately come to enslave them. Fashion is a crucial component of social life, has helped to prosper the culture and values of a locality. The traditional dresses are not able to chunk of fashion industry in Pakistan. Angrakha has a very momentous choice of elite brides. This article have a splendid ripples and panache. This frock couple with tight pajamas will enhance the grace of the bride. Further, it is easy to take care by a delicate smart ladies. We have designed angrakha for use in multifaceted occasions e-g  nikkha, barat or walima. It is also fit for use in any other formal occasion with a slight change in dupata only.


Shalwar Kameez

Shalwar kameez being a traditional dress and compatible with our seasonal and cultural environment is gaining top priority of the elegant and graceful ladies. It is also top-notch for smart and vivacious women, the reason behind this choice is its multi-faceted depiction. The idyllic pattern of shalwar includes Lahori, Peshawari, Multani, sindhi and others. This shalwar kameez with different dupatas is wearable on formal and informal bliss occasions. We assure you that our creative fashion designing in traditional cum modern patterns will help you to look unique and magnificent.

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